The Parable of the Camel and the Lion

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The Parable of the Lion was written by Arrikirri, it was made in response to the many different Islamic and Christian parables predicting the coming of their respective faiths or the failure of their religion, instead this parable predicts the coming of Wathanism and paganism. The Lion representing Wathanism and the Camel representing Islam. The Camel looks to be winning in the beginning but the lion in the end rises up and kills the camel. Which represents the return of the native faith after being seemingly destroyed for many years.


One day during the time of ignorance a group of pilgrims gathered to go to the Kaaba, they journeyed until stopping at a town to rest after seven days of travel. But when they went down to pray a chorus of trumpets sounded and the pilgrims were interrupted, this continued for every moment they would kneel to pray.

This happened for many hours and soon the pilgrims gathered as a party, and they said amongst themselves ‘Who is sounding those trumpets?’ and no one knew. So, gathering as a mass the people went out to find the origins of the trumpets.

They journeyed far out into the wilderness only to find a scene play out in the desert, a she-camel and a lion was locked in fierce combat and so frightful was it that many pilgrims fled, and many others begged their fellows to leave, but they did not leave. And the she-camel took the upper hand and stomped upon the back of the lion so it lay there still and the pilgrims said ‘let us leave, the lion is dead’ but others said ‘It is not dead yet’. And the hours it stomped upon it’s back dragged on so that it was until night and the pilgrims said, ‘Surely now it is dead’ but the other pilgrims said ‘It is not dead yet’ and stayed.

Then from the sands a song of praise was sounded, and the air caught the song and brought it to them, and the song was so frightful that all the pilgrims except for the fiercest one Abd Uzza fled. And the lion burst forth from death and struck the she-camel biting down and killing it and Abd Uzza looked at the body and found that it was rotting and then he returned to his fellow pilgrims and they said to him ‘What did you see?’ and he said unto him ‘I saw wisdom’.